Our joy and expertise is success in home and community based care. We guide providers and families through the complexities.

Our Mission

We help people find success.

People in families needing services as well as people who own and operate agencies providing services.

For home health care agencies facing regulatory citations or payment denials, we assess the problems and help turn those around quickly. We also help prepare for regulatory changes and future success and growth with operations reviews, compliance audits, mock surveys and training and education.

For anyone facing aging or disability, we coach families about services available and explore options for a safe home care plan.

What we do

Today’s environment is complex. Changes happen rapidly. We bring insights and tools to providers of home and community based services-home health, private duty, personal care and many more. We also educate and navigate through the maze of options with families who are interested in learning if a home and community based care plan might be the solution they seek. Your situation guides our response which is always based first on understanding your needs.

Services for Providers

The list of services gives an idea of our service scope and skill sets. Our initial conversation will begin honing in on your particular area of concern, any specific requirements or needs, and we’ll develop a proposal of services to assist you.

Our integrated approach means financial impact is always included. Reducing cost through process improvements or skill mix or program changes. Revenue improvement from sales through quality outcomes and patient satisfaction or telehealth implementation. Lowering time to cash in the bank.

For more extensive financial services needs [billing, cost reporting], we have many trusted partners.

  • ADR Support—Denials and Probe and Educate
  • Regulatory and Accreditation
  • QAPI

  • Operations
  • Policy and Procedure Design
  • Technology Selection
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Services for Families

Family services provide navigation and coaching support in learning about aging resources and helping to determine appropriate strategies for your parent, sibling or child, especially if the goal is to remain at home.

  • Expertise delivered through a warm personalized approach
  • Needs assessment including functional, clinical and psychosocial
  • Detailed exploration of needs and resources

  • Community resource education and guidance
  • Guidance on creating a safe home-Can technology help?
  • Skills to navigate difficult discussions, and address emotions that arise when dealing with life changes and clarifying complex issues


About Linda Scott

Linda Scott has worked and taught in clinical settings, been involved in management and supervision in all types of home and community based care entities, as well as with The Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) nationally approved provider of home care accreditation. Linda has worked in the home health care industry for more than 30 years, from the inside and the outside, and from the bottom to the top.

Linda’s drive to help others was fulfilled as she completed nursing school and earned a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree. Her early experience of the “power shift” in home care is what intrigued her, and has driven her work to this day. Linda understands that home is where patients are in charge. Research has shown that when patients can remain at home, they are more engaged and have the power to learn and to participate, and even direct, their own healthcare. Their recovery and rehabilitation and symptom management is improved because care, treatments, learning and adaptation occurs in their natural environment. For Linda, the dynamic of the patient as the center focus of care is not a new trend but rather the source of her daily inspiration.

Send us some quick information and we’ll give you a return call to explore how your needs as a provider or family member can be met through our solutions.